Functionality means nothing
without usability!

About us is a free and independent website with a focus on free software for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 & 10 designed and developed by professional software engineers with more than 10 years of development experience in companies. The products on this site range from audio, video and photo software, to desktop enhancement and system tools.

Why a freeware site?
Most of the code used in our tools is developed while evaluating new software technologies for commercial projects. We thought that some of our test projects are just to good for the recycle bin, and maybe useful to others. So we decided to put online, and to share all these tools with the community.

All programs and software tools on this site are free to download and free to use (free for private-/ non-commercial use). No registration required, no mail-address required. The software does not include any form of adware, malware or spyware. All downloads are frequently checked for viruses and trojans.

This project is sponsored by voluntary donations made by our users. If you find our software tools useful and would like to support this project, please make a donation!

For questions, complaints, suggestions, or feedback of any kind, please feel free to contact us.