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ShutItDown is a professional ShutDown-Timer for all tasks. Select between six different timer modes:

And between seven timer actions:

To select the timer mode and the task that you want to execute, open the Timer options.

Timer options

You can select your preferred timer-mode and -action in the timer options menu. Click the 'Timer options' button to open the menu, and use the dropdown boxes for 'Timer mode' and 'Timer action' to set your preferences.

Timer modes

ShutItDown actually supports six different timer modes:

Simple Timer

Just select on of the predefined times (30 min., 60 min., 90 min. or 120 minutes) and click 'Start timer'.

By hours and minutes

Set the execution time for ShutItDown in hours and minutes.

By date and time

Run timer action at a specified time and date. Click the calendar icon to select a date, and set hour and minute.

By CPU load

When CPU load stays under the selected value for 5 sec. ShutItDown runs the timer action.

By NET load

Select your network adapter and set bandwith-limit in Kilo-Byte/sec. for download or upload. When net load stays under the selected limit for 5 sec. the timer action is executed.

By user inactivity

Set time-limit for user inactivity. If no mouse-click or keyboard input occurs within the selected time the timer action will be executed, else the countdown will be restarted.

Timer actions

You can select one of the following tasks: Shut down, Hibernate, Sleep, Restart, Lock, Log off or Switch user.

General Settings

Click 'Settings' in the header menu of ShutItDown to change default language, or check for the latest updates.

System Requirements

PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7 / 8 / 8.1 or 10. CPU with 1GHz (32- and 64-Bit supported), and 512MB Ram.

The Microsoft .NET 4 Framework must be installed to run ShutItDown.

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Software Details

Product: ShutItDown

Release date: 07/11/2014

License: Freeware

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